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Press TV – Bush interested in Georgia to sell McCain Sunday, 31 August, 2008

Posted by Farbod in Interviews.

Press TV – Bush interested in Georgia to sell McCain.

Duma State Deputy Sergey Markov

The following is Press TV’s exclusive interview with Russia’s Duma State Deputy Sergey Markov.

Press TV: Mr. Markov, looking at the situation, this conflict has so far produced a spiral of action-reaction from both sides. The larger danger here is one side taking an action and the other side reacting strongly to it, perhaps militarily. Is this where this is ultimately heading?

Markov: I wouldn’t agree. I think that the real part of the conflict is Russia and the United States, and they did react already. Too much. Now they change by using strong words but no actions. Russia withdrew its troops, and we see that the US reaction is also not so sharp. That’s why we can predict that maybe there will be no development in this conflict. It is really a conflict between Russia and the United States because of the United States initiative. We predicted that maybe the Washington administration will make another provocation. Maybe they will give weapons to the war criminal, Mikhail Saakashvili, but we believe that before this criminal regime of Mikhail Saakashvili will be armed and equipped again, the election campaign in the United States will be over and the new president will be not so interested in this war in the Caucasus because the main goal is the election of John McCain and stopping Barack Obama in the United States presidential elections.

Press TV:One of those candidates is Senator John McCain and he has been urging that Russia be asked to leave the G8, there’s also been talk of barring Russia from joining the World Trade Organization there’s talk about the collapse of the US-Russia civil nuclear agreement, where does Russia stand on various agreements with the US?

Markov: Russia wants to have this nuclear agreement, to have opportunity for the trade in nuclear area and to sell nuclear materials which stay after part of the nuclear disarmament.

And so Russia and the economy want to get more money and we know that this administration, administration of the United States, is trying to allow it, Russia trying to undermine. But not only Russia, I think every country in the world has problems with this George Bush administration… and maybe most countries in the world because of the policy of this Bush-Cheney administration has caused the rising of anti-Americanism in every country in the whole world.

And the whole world believes that Americans will kick these neocons out of the White House and will give power to Barack Obama who will not be a president of war but a president of peace.



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