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Who risks more, Russia or West? Saturday, 30 August, 2008

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Press TV – Who risks more, Russia or West?.

The following is Press TV’s exclusive interview with Vladimir Sotnikov from the Centre for International Security in Moscow.

Press TV: Tbilisi has ended ties with Moscow. How does this move add to the tension that already exists between Russia and Georgia?

Sotnikov: I would like to say that this is wholly Georgia’s decision to stop the diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and Georgia and Georgia is to blame. I think for Georgians it will be bad to do during this diplomatic crisis which followed after the short war between Russia and Georgia and it would be better to keep up the diplomatic relations and to conduct negotiations. As the ordinary Georgians say it’s better to have a close friend which is your neighbor than to have a close friend which is an outside power.

Press TV: There is a military build up in the Black Sea and Russia is also seeking military bases in South Ossetia. What are the West and Russia both demanding from these moves?

Sotnikov:According to the situation which is now in the Black Sea, we have several NATO warships and Russian Black Sea fleets now is in position. I think that the NATO seeks a situation where it can control the movements of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea and Russia would like to prevent the possible breaking up of this truce by Georgia and the possible situation when Georgians could again be in a state of war with South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

And another thing because now South Ossetia and Abkhazia are independent states, it’s according to international law that they conclude any agreements on the stationing of military bases from other countries. I mean, the Russian military bases on their territory.

Press TV: Russia is also accusing the G8 of being biased. To what extent can Russia afford a rift with the West?

Sotnikov: I think that we [are] very distinct in this matter. Who is risking more? I think in this situation, the Western countries, including the United States are risking more than Russia because Russia did its best to defend its interests, its national interests, in this area of the war. You know of course that Prime Minister Putin decided to stop buying chickens from the United States. This is 39 thousand tons of chicken which were to be sold in Russia. So if Russia can exercise the sanctions answering the sanctions from the West I think the losing side will be the West and not Russia.

Press TV: The west has threatened Russia with sanctions. How do you think Moscow will respond to such sanctions especially considering that Russia is a major supplier of energy to Europe?

Sotnikov:That’s what I was saying: who is risking more in this situation? I think that western Europeans are risking more if the United States orchestrates sanctions against Russia and would oppose them because Russia can actually end supplying energy to Western Europe. And also Russia can stop buying some agricultural products from western European countries. So I don’t think these countries are very much in favor of imposing sanctions on Russia.



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