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‘Neocons only want state contracts without bid’ Friday, 29 August, 2008

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Press TV – ‘Neocons only want state contracts without bid’.

By Afshin Rattansi ,Press TV, Tehran

American essayist and politician Gore Vidal believes there has never been democracy in the United States. In his opinion the political system in the country is a machine of brainwashing…

Press TV: Gore Vidal perhaps they have been reading your work and some how misinterpreted it. I hear that Democratic National Committee has designed the podium where Obama is due to speak like ancient Rome. Is that a wise move?

Vidal: We have an old American expression “that’s asking for it.” I think to pretend or to bring out some Roman columns is a little too pointed and a little too delicate right now, we should be much more worried about the end of the Roman Empire which was bankruptcy due to the overextended wars which meant overextended military power and that of course brought that great experiment to an end.

Press TV: They also say it is the most expensive in history. What do you think Senator Obama owes his financial backers who are financing his campaign?

Vidal: Well let us get to first things first, how are they ever going to get back the money that was not profitably spent on the set, we used to have sets like that in Hollywood for thousands of dollars.

You could have exactly what he had, for heaven knows how much money. So I believe as always Cherchez la Monnaie. We have to look to see who benefited most.

Anyway I think that although it is purest plywood, his speech was purest gold, something we don’t get to hear very often in this country.

Press TV: And I remember during the Clinton era you said that any president trying to take on for instance the health care industry to try and provide universal health care, well you said that you expected Bill Clinton, I think, to die. Do you think Senator Obama – if he is elected – would be able take on forces such as health care?

Vidal: Well he is going to; he is committed to it, and it will be very noticeable if he shirks his duty which I don’t think he will. Remember that the junta, which after 9-11 took over the government of the United States is very serious and much more serious and much more successful than the world’s Mafia.

These are thieves and they are killers and any president who looks like he is going to stand in the way of their profits and their power – we’ll be having one of our state funerals, which are beloved by everybody.

No, I see this terrible retribution for him, because they’ll stop at nothing. You cannot even say that ‘They are partisans like Republicans or Democrats,’ they are not, they are a mindset.

It’s like saying Adolph Hitler, ‘well he was a nationalist with a mindset that we call Nazi.’ Well Nazi does not mean nationalism that is only part of what it means it means many other things, which are much darker. And the Republican Party is as dark as it has ever gotten in this country.

Press TV: You knew Jack Kennedy, with him we got the Cuban missile crisis, is it the case that seemingly liberal presidents are more dangerous for the world?

Vidal: Well they have proven to be, allegedly, one of the first liberal presidents was Woodrow Wilson who was a catastrophe. Freud, without ever having met him, wrote a book attacking Woodrow Wilson, a crazy book which is kind of funny and is written from the heart, may I say of Freud himself, because he hated Wilson because Wilson had destroyed the only stability for middle Europe, which is the only part of Europe that Freud cared about, that’s where he lived – Vienna, and Vienna was destroyed by our coming in and ‘Making the World Safe for Democracy.’

Do you know the United States has never had democracy in this country from which I now speak, in the farthest southern rim, western rim, where I am gazing upon the Pacific Ocean? We have never had democracy here.

In the villages they practiced it in New England. It’s a word not used in our Constitution, it’s a word not used in the Bill of Rights, it is not used even in the Declaration of Independence when they were breaking away from the king of England, who was a bad taxman; we didn’t like his taxes so ‘we split,’ as they say.

And here we are now, a molting – if I may use the barnyard world – empire. Feathers are coming out of it, the direction is not clear.

Dark days are tending, because we fell into the hands of a group, which only wanted the wealth of the country without paying for it, and money to wage wars, which we can never pay for.

Press TV: Vladimir Putin in the past few hours said that the Georgia crisis was started by neocons to help the McCain presidency, so after what you are saying, do you believe McCain will be in the next election, or does it not matter because those neocons would still be there?

Vidal: They will still be there, but I don’t think they are as powerful as they were. Word is getting out about them, that they do not mean us any good. They have no program other than looting the treasury. They have taken everything they want and I don’t think we are going to hear much more about them. That doesn’t mean they are not always active. And who knows what wars they will prepare for us?

And I haven’t really thought of the affairs in Georgia. It could well be that they had a hand in it, they have a hand in almost everything. Remember the American people at that level – the would-be intellectuals – are very very stupid. These are the slowest people in the nation. You wouldn’t allow them to run a shoe shop. And yet – they somehow through our mysterious political system – they rise. I remember a friend of mine in the old days of the Soviet Union said how do these informers get started? Well, it’s always the fattest boy in school. It’s the palest one- the one who is not athletic. He sits around and takes down everybody’s conversation, and he becomes powerful. Well I think the neocons are still that sort of ruthless section of our society. And it’s done us no good, it’s done them no good

Press TV: There have been a few details from Obama’s speech – all about military commitment. “I will send our troops into harm’s way with a clear mission,” “sacred commitment,” that kind of stuff.

Vidal: He’s going to be elected in November and remember how the American people are totally brain washed. The Soviet people were not a model of sobriety or intelligence either, when they succumbed to force majeure and the lust of empire which always looks good but you know what it is doing.

The neocons all they wanted to do was to have government contracts without having to bid for them as the law requires. They had in Cheney who really was a feudal and not Bush so much. Cheney was going to give them what ever they wanted. And if you accuse them of what they were doing you were un-American. Certainly they held the keys for all kinds of patriotism.

Press TV: What makes it more or less likely about a US war on Iran if Obama or McCain are elected?

Vidal: McCain – yes there will be one. He is really stupid and really mindless. There is no brain there. You have to listen to him in five minutes. You realize there is nothing there. With Obama I think it is very unlikely. People around him are the people who would have been the old New Dealers, the Franklin Roosevelt, the old liberals…

Press TV: Brzezinski is one of his top foreign policy advisors.

Vidal: Brzezinski I know is straight and he is certainly not out there to start wars in the Middle East. He’ll be the first person to try and tamp them out and he has been very good in sort of predicting what is going to go wrong, as to the events that started all of this off. But the confrontation which has been taking place between the US and the old Soviet and I think Brzezinski has been pretty reliable – he certainly was when he was national security advisor.



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