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US seeks control over Pak nukes Sunday, 24 August, 2008

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Press TV – US seeks control over Pak nukes.

Sun, 24 Aug 2008 12:58:01 GMT
By Kaveh Taghavi, Press TV, Tehran

Hamid Gul

The following is Press TV’s exclusive full-length interview with Hamid Gul, a retired general who served as head of the Pakistani military’s Inter-Service Intelligence, on his opinion about the reason behind the recent escalating violence in Pakistan.

Press TV: Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are seemingly bracing for a long-term political struggle there, would this provide the militants with the opportunity to perhaps fan the flames of violence and insecurity in Pakistan?

Gul:Well, actually this political turmoil is going to destabilize Pakistan as much as the American pressure is doing because American pressure is on Pakistan’s government to engage Islamic forces against, what they describe as militants, people who want to do Jihad inside Afghanistan along with their brethren.

So, this is a very complex situation and at this time we need stability the most, and these two coalitions have come together. It was a good omen for Pakistan. But unfortunately it is slipping out of hand.

Press TV: So how can they strategize themselves? As you said they were good omen for Pakistan but at the same time, obviously, they can not disregard the violence that is escalating until a president is elected.

Gul:The problem is not really the election of the president but the American road map which we had designed for Pakistan that went awry because of Benazir’s killing.

As soon as she landed in Pakistan, she started throwing signs that she was going to rebel against the American agenda, so she was removed from the scene.

But America keeps continuing to insist that they must have their own game plan played out in Pakistani politics. And that, among other things, of course, it envisages Nawaz Sharif and his party to be out of our structure , and that really is the problem.

And since Asif Ali Zardari and his party came in and fought the election, and got the leverage to win the election, the reason that there was a deal which was brokered by the UK and United States and Asif Ali Zardari, perhaps finds himself bound by this. And that’s (where) the problem is.

I think it’s the game of Pakistani politics as much as for Pakistani society and the turmoil that is going on, even economy, it’s Israeli and the American interference in the internal matters of Pakistan.

Press TV: Mr. Gul, I have to ask you what is the main goal than that is pursued by those who are trying to create further insecurity in Pakistan? What will they obtain?

Gul:Well, they say that it is because that Pakistan is an ally in the war on terror, and since they are not winning in Afghanistan so obviously, the blame is shifted to Pakistan that Pakistani intelligence services, Pakistan’s military, perhaps are not doing as much as they should be doing.

But as you said what is their final game? What are they trying to get at? And that is our nuclear program. They eventually have to disarm Pakistan nuclearwise. They have to de-nuclearize this country and they seem to be helped along with Israel because Israeli lobby is very strong in America.

And especially at this time of election, they can pull a lot of strings behind the scenes. They are influencing the policies of America leading which is eventually going to lead to the instability of Pakistan, if they have it their way.

And that instability would then give them an excuse, that they can go to the United Nations and the world community and ask them that Pakistan be told to disarm itself nuclearwise.



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