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Consequences of Musharraf resignation Sunday, 24 August, 2008

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Press TV – Consequences of Musharraf resignation.Sun, 24 Aug 2008 13:11:29 GMT
By Arash Zahedi, Press TV, Tehran

Pakistani parliament member Mushahid Hussain

The following is an exclusive Press TV interview with Pakistani parliament member Mushahid Hussain on the latest political developments in Pakistan:

Q: I’m joined live by Mushahid Hussain from Islamabad. Mr. Hussain welcome to Press TV. Whose is going to be the next president?

A: Well, I think the ruling coalition has a problem on that issue, and I would reckon that the main partner of the coalition, the Pakistan People’s Party of Mr. Zardari will decide the presidential candidate. And so far as I know and I can say is that Mr. Zardari himself has been giving what I would call presidential looks. Whether these will really mature into a quest for presidency, only time will tell.

Q: What consequences will the resignation of President Musharraf have?

A: Well I think that the most significant consequence of President Musharraf’s resignation is that he was the glue who held the coalition together because he was the common enemy of Mr. Sharif and Mr. Zardari. They were united by their hatred toward President Musharraf. Now that he is no longer there, I think that the future of the coalition is bleak, and that I find as the most significant consequence, politically at home, of President Musharraf’s resignation.

Q: I think the first (consequence) has been the restoration of sacked judges. Why is Mr. Sharif so focused on the restoration of the judiciary and why is Mr. Zardari so against it?

A: Mr. Zardari is afraid that reviving the chief justice, who was removed last November, and Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry, who has made a score of corruption charges against Mr. Zardari, because Mr. Zardari called in amnesty from Mr. Musharraf through the National Reconciliation Ordinance, the NRO. And the chief justice then, like Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry, resented the NRO. So that is the main fear and the main concern and that is why Mr. Zardari is not keen on the restoration of judges.

Q: Definitely a great concern for Mr. Zardari and Mr. Sharif. Now, do you think Mr. Musharraf will ever stand trial at the end of the day?

A: I think that there will be no trial. I’ve already said that what has happened in Pakistan has followed the Richard Nixon formula. What happened to Mr. Nixon in 1974, that there were impeachment proceedings, and that they were stopped, and before that Mr. Nixon resigned. Then he was given a presidential pardon and there was no prosecution, no trial, and no charges against him. Mr. Musharraf will also face no charges and in any case, there were no charges of corruption against him. And I think there was an arrangement between the Pakistan People’s Party with Mr. Musharraf and his negotiators that after his resignation there would be no charges, no trials and no prosecution.

Q: And My final question, Mr. Hussain. Who would you blame from the growing violence and the political turmoil in Pakistan?

A: I would say that it is a combination of al-Qaeda targeting the national security of Pakistan and the ineptitude and failure of the present coalition government because they have been too busy in fighting for power and forgetting about the main fight against extremism and terrorism. They have just had no time to formulate an anti-terrorism strategy in Pakistan, unfortunately.



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