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Yvonne: No one can stop us Friday, 22 August, 2008

Posted by Farbod in Interviews.

Press TV – Yvonne: No one can stop us.

Investigative journalist and Press TV presenter Yvonne Ridley has started a sea trip with a group of peace activists to break the siege imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip…

Press TV:  Yvonne when do you expect to reach Gaza and break the year-long siege?

Yvonne: Well, we set off in a few hours’ time from Larnaca in Cyprus and there are about 40 international peacemakers and we are on two boats carrying one unified message which is “to break the Israeli siege on Gaze” because any siege designs a harm on civilian population and punishes collectively that is illegal in the international law.

Press TV: Well, the Israeli defense ministry is really unhappy about this. Do you think that the Israeli navy would allow you to pass through and reach Gaza?

Yvonne: I do not see how they can stop us. We are not sailing in Israeli waters. We do not need to ask Israeli permission to do this and we intend to sail towards Gaza and we do not intend to ask their permission.

Press TV: What are you planning to do when you arrive in Gaza?

Yvonne: Well, there are several NGOs who have invited us there. We are told there would be literally tens of thousands of people on the beaches to greet us because nobody has been able to get into Gaza by sea for many many years. So, this would be quite a historic event and we are also carrying some hearing aids for the children of Gaza who have been deafened by Israeli stun guns and the sonic booms from the overhead Israeli jets.



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