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Press TV – IRGC set to crush anti-gov’t movements Sunday, 17 August, 2008

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Press TV – IRGC set to crush anti-gov’t movements.

Sun, 17 Aug 2008 13:28:55 GMT

Iran says the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) is fully prepared to deliver a devastating blow to any anti-government movement.

Senior IRGC Commander, Major General Mohammad-Ali Jafari said Sunday that IRGC forces are geared up to fully protect the country’s northwestern borders.

“The enemy has heavily invested in destabilizing the Islamic Republic through creating insecurity along Iran’s northwestern and western borders,” said the Iranian commander.

Brig. Gen. Jafari made his remarks after earlier reports revealing that two IRGC members were killed in clashes with rebels in northwestern Iran.

The top Iranian commander added that with the help of regional volunteer forces the IRGC would counter enemy conspiracies.

“The newly-formulated IRGC strategies would secure the stability of the northwestern region and would deliver a devastating blow to any movement against the Islamic Republic,” Jafari concluded.

Iranian security forces have long been fighting Kurdish insurgents in the country’s western borders near Iraq and Turkey.

Although the US State Department considers the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) as a terrorist organization, it is suspected of supplying PJAK, an offshoot of PKK, with arms to stir up ethnic unrest in Iran.

In his November 2006 article published in the New Yorker, journalist Seymour Hersh revealed that the US military and Israel are assisting PJAK by providing the group with equipment, training, and vital intelligence to destabilize the Islamic Republic.



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