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Yet the Prophet for the 21st century! Wednesday, 6 August, 2008

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Mon, 04 Aug 2008 14:21:36 GMT
By F. Mardi

With 1.2 billion followers, who is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)? Why are his followers, Muslims, so sensitive about not depicting their holy prophet? Why can Muslims have paintings and drawings about everything but this person they adore so much? And by the way, why do they adore the Prophet Mohammad?

Mohammad was born in 570, the year of the elephant. He was considered truthful, trustworthy and noble by his people and fellow merchants. After forty years of piety and helping others, he experienced something that changed history.

Mohammad was known to retire to a cave called al-Hira in a hill called Jabal al-Noor, the Mountain of Light. This was his place away from the world, to meditate and to pray. It was his place of solitude to contemplate his actions, the world around him, and the Almighty Being who created it. During one of his retreats to the cave of al-Hira, the Archangel Gabriel passed down the divine message: “RECITE!”

The message was universal. It was not for a certain time or even for a certain people, for he himself could not read or write. To recite was the first of many revelations that he received over 23 years. The anniversary of this day, of the beginning of his prophecy, is celebrated annually by followers and admirers around the world as Mabaath.

Prophet Mohammad’s message to the world was of justice and peace, to worship only one God and obey His commands. Some people of that time did not truly comprehend his message, or the words of the Qur’an. They followed Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) anyway. They followed him for his kindness, his generosity, his calmness and peacefulness. People enjoyed his presence and wanted to be around the positive waves he created, the positive energy field surrounding him.

How can you illustrate love and peace? How can you depict the exuberance and joy you feel after seeing Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)? Can the warm look of a loving mother upon her young child be captured in a piece of art? Can you truly confine the scent of a field of freshly cut grass on a summer day? Can this be done with anything other than words? The art that can activate all senses at once, and sometimes still seem incapable of performing its mission, is the art of words.

Seeing through their hearts is how Muslims see their prophet. Daisy Khan paraphrases Mowlavi’s story in her interview with PBS for ‘Muhammad: Life of a Prophet
I looked for God.
I went to a temple, I didn’t find Him there.
Then I went to a church and didn’t find Him there.
Then I went to a mosque but still did not find Him there.
Then finally I looked into my heart.
There He was.

When in search for anyone or anything, the true place to find them is our hearts.

We can paint pictures, canvases and ceilings and we still might not find what we are looking for. There are many forms of art, all beautiful and powerful, but not all fill that place in our heart. Muslims all over the world enjoy artwork of nature and even of animate, living things. Art is not only not banned, but it is appreciated in Islam.

The issue of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his family members is a bit different. True, it is wonderful to be able to express ourselves through art, but it cannot do justice to such a holy person like Prophet Mohammad. Even though we mean well, sometimes our portrayal of the truth becomes insulting because it is so far from the greatness that actually exists.

The supreme fulfillment of the line of the Prophets Abraham, Moses and Jesus is the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon them all). The divine teachings that were sent to the Prophet Mohammad are the ultimate completed teachings; we call them the Holy Qur’an.

‘The best of all people in behavior’ is how Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is described. Naturally, the most complete way of depiction of his character and being is chosen, which is not via illustrations, paintings or statues.

Those who want to see Prophet Mohammad must open the eyes of their minds, hearts and souls. For his being is much more and greater than can be seen with the unequipped eye. He is human, not divine, but the most profoundly extraordinary of humans.

Each person sees Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) differently. Some see his political and social leadership and standing, while others appreciate his kindness to orphans and his gentleness with women. Some see his faultless military tactics and excellent economic strategies, while others focus on his warm hospitality and physical modesty. Some people admire his constructive social ideas, while others enjoy his spirituality and lack of dependence on this mundane world.

The focal point of it all is that all Muslims adore their precious Prophet. They try to be like him in every way. But to what extent each individual is successful or which of his qualities are deeply rooted in certain cultures is a separate issue.

This issue must not be confused with the true being and characteristics of the Prophet. His followers are on the path to becoming like him: some are close, yet some are very far. Every prophet preached what and what not to do. Not everyone took notes however, nor were they all able to apply the teachings to their everyday lives. So, among Muslims, like all other people, we find individuals who follow the divine teachings of Allah and we find some who do not.

To see Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), one must not base everything on his followers, even though much good is reflected in them. A person must try to get to know the holy messenger of God through his teachings. His teachings are the divine revelations found in the Holy Qur’an and the sayings of the Prophet himself. Open your heart and mind and embrace what you receive.



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