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Iran Premier League will start tomorrow Wednesday, 15 August, 2007

Posted by Farbod in Sport News.

Iran Premier League will start tomorrow

wed, 15 Aug 2007 22:04:05
Source: Press TV

The seventh Iranian Premier League (IPL) will start tomorrow afternoon. In the opening match,56.jpg Perspolice will face Sanat-Naft Abadan.

Six past seasons of IPL were held with no one team winning the title twice. Perspolice of Tehran won the first season in may 2002 in a close contest with its old competitor, Esteghlal. In the second season, Sephan of Isfahan won the Cup with 7 points difference with the second team, after which it became notable in the Iranian football.

Third season was the time for green jerseys, Pas, to become the champion. They won the league in a very close contest with Esteghlal by only one point deference. Through out the years, Foolad Khuzestan contributed many good and young players to the Iranian national team and won the championship in the fourth season.

In the first four seasons, Esteghlal was always a strong team but it never actually won the title. However, in the fifth season, Esteghlal appeared good and finally won the cup for the first time.

The sixth season was held after a weak performance by the Iranian national team (famous as Team Melli) in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Not many fans were interested to watch the games in the begging after the said defeat.96.jpg

Nevertheless, when the competitors performed well and the contest went into the final weeks, fans came back to stadiums and Saipa won the sixth league, with its player-coach Ali Daei leading the team.

The seventh season of the Iranian Premier League will begin on Thursday 16 August 2007 with many players and football lovers ready to show beautiful and exciting performances. Eighteen teams will play against each others in this season.

Story by: Farbod Mostofi

Edited by: K.Biuki


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